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How much do I worth

How Much Do I Worth?

All virtual assistants want to have a bigger salary, the more the better. However, if you put yourself in the perspective of the business owner, they want to have an effective return of their money. Therefore it is important that you will develop your skills accordingly.

Granted that your skills are already developed and you can function based on your designation effectively, Chris Ducker founder of Virtual Staff Finder gave the following list of average salaries of a good virtual assistant:

  • General Virtual Assistant (GVA)– $500-$800 a month
  • Article / Content Writer – $500-$700 a month
  • SEO / Web Marketer VA– $650-$850 a month
  • Web Developer – $700-$1,400 a month
  • Graphic Designers– $700 – $1,200 a month
  • Audio / Video VA’s– $500 – $1,200 a month
  • Mobile App Developer VA’s– $800 – $1,400 a month (Note: not popular in the Philippines currently. Look to Eastern Europe for this for the time being.)

* Part-time rates would obviously be 50% of full-time rates.

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Your salary varies for various reasons. Your skills, your position, the demand and the supply of such skill affect your value. But again, if you can prove that you are well worth your price by showing that you are highly skilled in the position that you are applying for, then better start working on it.

With all these, we can have the idea of proper pricing of ourselves. It is not polite to go higher more than what we worth especially that competition is becoming stiffer as skilled people from offline world are turning to become online virtual assistants.

Bid for a Job

11 Tips in Bidding for a Job Effectively

You are in oDesk and you find so many jobs available. Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed by the number of jobs available. Please note however that not all jobs are good for you. There are jobs that are not just worth bidding for. There are also jobs that fall short from some very cheap offers. As a freelancer, you should know your price but not to the extent that you think of yourself to be the best person in the world that you worth more than what your work value is.

If you have read my previous tutorials “Open a Linkedin Account” and “Open an oDesk Account”, you will see that those tutorials are actually a prequel of this tutorial simply because, you have to establish those two things first before you can bid effectively. So please make sure that you read them first and apply it immediately before bidding for a job.

So here are some of my tips in bidding effectively:

  1. Know your strengths. What is your main skill? What do you do best? What are the things that you think you can do in longer period of time? You have to identify your skills and strengths. In that way, you will be able to choose only the jobs that you can do. Please, do not bid for jobs that you cannot do. Let us say you are hired but you do not possess the necessary skills the job requires, it can be a blow to your reputation and you may feel embarrassed later if you will be fired. So better do this right from the beginning.
  1. Know your price. If you are bidding on for your first job, start between $2-3 an hour while building your reputation and the feedback of your clients in oDesk. When you are highly skilled and it is your first job on oDesk, feel free to bid between $4-7 an hour as long as you can provide a good portfolio of your work. This is why we discussed about setting up a LinkedIn account. If you can, it is better to have your own website where you can display all your works. Feel free to visit my personal site:
  1. Prepare for an interview. If you are bidding in oDesk, always prepare for an interview. It is pretty normal for any company to require an interview. So make sure you have Skype. Please, make sure your computer have a microphone and video. I have seen some people who prepared a microphone but not video. Most companies would require video so make sure you have one.
  1. Make sure you have Paypal. When you start working online, having a Paypal account is a basic requirement as a freelancer simply because most company owners prefer to pay via Paypal. It is cheaper, it is easier, and it is more common. Western Union and other payment modes are good, but it may not be comfortable for your employer.
  1. Establish a good agreement with your employer during the interview. It is always best that you will establish your own deal in some ways. It is not wrong that you ask something as a favour from your employer as long as they have the assurance that you will do the job and that you will fulfil all the obligations. This is very important so that you will not be burned out and that you will be able to do your job more effectively.

For example, whenever a potential client interviews me, my deal with him is that he gives me free time, and he gives me the task that has to be done and give me deadlines to finish it. All I ask is to give me my time. No time tracking because I am a church minister at the same time. So if it is fine with him, then I will do my best to prove that I can do and live with my deal. Remember, your employer and you should meet on common grounds so that the job will be enjoyable to do instead of having it as a pressure and stress.

  1. You have enhanced your skills. Remember, you are applying as a virtual assistant, a virtual writer, or any jobs online. Meaning, you are expected to know the internet and how to use it effectively. You are expected to know how to use your best friends Google and Yahoo. You are expected to have the necessary skills that you need in the job you are applying for. Make sure that you do number 1.
  1. Only bid for the jobs you can do. Do not over-estimate yourself. It is not about the number of jobs you applied for, it is about matching your skills and the job you are applying. Make no mistake, even if you pass and impress your boss with your resume and with your profile presentation, you will probably undergo a skills test which will require you to do things related to the job you applied for.
  1. Start fairly. Your skills should match your price. If you are highly professional with tons of experiences, then you can price it a little higher. Otherwise, start with a lower rate but not up to the point as if you are working for free. You deserve to enjoy what you worked for.
  1. Follow instructions carefully. There are employers that require several things especially when sending your email application or letter of intent or resume. So make sure that you follow instructions carefully else you already failed on your first test.
  1. Be a flexible. Most employers want flexible employees. Some of them will want you to work a few things beyond your job description. However, “never” commit on things that you cannot do. Just let your “yes” be yes and “no” be no. Honest communication is much appreciated as far as the employer is concern. So make sure they know what you want and what is fair with the employer.
  1. Be open for a test run. Some employer will ask you to have a month test run. This is to make sure that they have hired the best candidate. They might offer you a lower rate for that one month and a higher rate on the succeeding months when you do good. Just be open to that, as long as you are not giving your services for free.
Resume sample

Making a Powerful Resume

You do need a resume whenever you apply for a job. This is true both to online and offline work. It is therefore important for any freelancer to have your resume prepared. Here are some tips in making a powerful resume:

Make your name bold. If there is anything important in your resume, that should be your name. Your name should be visible and can be seen without any help of eyeglasses. The point here is that by first glance, your boss can readily read your name and that name will be embedded in his thoughts.

Use a professional picture. Just like in my previous article about opening a LinkedIn account, the photo that you need to use should be a professional standard photo. Some freelancer is adventurous and uses candid shot photos. For some, that may work because it also showcase their creativity often times it does not work. So piece of advice? Don’t be adventurous in doing that unless you have a huge portfolio that proves that you are very professional.

Only focus on awards from high school to college. It doesn’t matter if you are valedictorian neither during your kindergarten nor in elementary. Most bosses don’t put much weight on that. However, if you have special awards during your college years, in high school and most especially in graduate school or in your work after your studies, that could be a big plus and definitely has the bigger weight. These experiences when you are adult is the proof that you are trustworthy and that the information you give is more reliable.

Mention your computer skills. The fact that you are applying for an online job, you are expected that you are a web savvy, that you know how to use the internet, word processors, and other computer stuffs like presentation and spreadsheet. Typing skills is also a plus. It is a must therefore to have good computer operation skills.

Put other skills related to the job you are applying that you know. Having related skills for the job you are applying for is a plus. If you are applying for a writing job and you have a very good typing skills, then make sure that you put it. This will boost your credibility for the job you are applying.

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call center

Virtual Assistant vs. Call Center Agent Which One Is Better?

call centerThere are lots of similarities between a VA and a call center agent. But they also have a lot of differences.

Virtual Assistant

Works in the house – Usually a Virtual Assistant works at the comfort of his house. Though there are some that work and report in the office, still it is more common for a VA to work in his home.

Works at “his most convenient time” – One of the best advantages of a VA is working at the convenience of his own time. Though there are some employers that requre a regular time, still a huge number of online employers allow VA’s to work at their own time. Remember that most of these people are sole interpreneurs and because of that, it is easier to negotiate with them.

Have more time with the family – A VA have more time with his family because they are working at their own homes. More time with the kids, more time with your spouse.

Have better salary – VA’s have better salaries at least in most cases especially if the VA is doing good and have a good relationship with his online employer.

No fare expense – You stay at home, you work at home. Literally speaking, no traveling time, no fare expense.

Call Center Agent

Works in the office – Call center agents need to report to the office.

Works in graveyard shifts – The hardest part of being a call center agent is working on graveyard shifts. That is why many call center agents end up resigning.

Not much time with the family – With all the traveling time and whole day spending in the office, what more is left for the family is a tired employee who needs rest.

Good salary – Most call center agents have a good deal of salary. Quite perfect for starting individual who is looking for a job.

Have fare expense – Call center agents have to travel daily and report to office. They spend lots of time traveling and lots of money for fare. Their daily fare comprises a lot from their salary.

Online Job

8 Reasons To Become A Virtual Assistant

There are lots of questions and buzz around the net on becoming a Virtual Assistant and you are probably intrigued with this kind of job. As I try to converse with people whom I know, many of them are skeptics about getting a job online. I cannot blame them because obviously, there are lots of scams online.

But is working online really possible? Can you really earn a decent income working online?

This was also my very first question when I started working online. I don’t know if my ventures will work, and if there is really a job, or if I can be hired. Is there really a person interested hiring someone to work for her whom she doesn’t know and never met. All these doubts where answered when I stepped out of my shell and start upgrading myself with the skills I need.

But before we go to the skills development, let me give you a good glance of what kind of life I have now “after” I become a professional VA.

Online Job

Work pressure is much lesser. Of course there is a pressure, all kinds of jobs has a pressure. But the huge difference is that it is much lesser compared to the pressure that you get from your office. You don’t see your boss, you don’t see the time clock, and no one stops you for taking a nap.

Huge savings from personal expenses. You don’t have to spend for your fare going to your office. How much is your monthly expense for your fare going to your jobs? When you are a VA, your only expense is your connection and a small portion of your monthly electric bill.

More time for the family. When I was working, I spend about 4-6 hours of travel time in a day just to go to our office. Why rob a time for your family if you can actually give those time for them?

Earn unlimited income. Your income will always depend on your skills and how much you work. The good thing is, these two factors are workable and can easily be upgraded. And this is why we created VirtualAssitantAcademy.Org.

Support my ministry. In many ways, now that I am getting something for a living, I am able now to help and support my ministry. Just like Apostle Paul, I am not a kind of person who wants to burden others to support my ministry. If I can work for it, the better.

Buy my wants. Before, I cannot buy the shoes that I want, I cannot buy the cellphone that I want, and I cannot eat the food that I want. Now, I can buy the shoes that I want and all other things that are a little bit more than a need.

Support my parents. It hurts to see myself whenever I see my parents who are in need of medicine but I cannot give even a small amount of money. But now, I am able to give them something, at least for the support for their medicine. Not to mention that I can now treat them out for a nice lunch.

Help other people. It is difficult to say no to someone who is asking for your help. But what can you give if what you are earning is just enough for your family? My VA job gave me a lot of reasons to help and extend to the needy.

There are lots of things that happened in my life when I started working as a freelance VA online. And I believe that you can do what I do. I am not a computer graduate. The only thing that I did is I upgraded my skills. I gave time to learn what I need to learn. In this kind of job, you don’t even need to become a college graduate just to get a decent job order.

If it changed my life, it can also change your life for sure. If you want to experience the things that I am experiencing right now, then why not enroll yourself and start upgrading your skills? In just a month, your skill is already enough for you to close a good deal for a job.